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LifeBEAM Vi Sense Wireless Headphones with Harmon Kardon Sound

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Included is a 14 day free trial to the Vi Trainer App for custom, AI-based training plans to help you take your workouts to the next level. A fter the trial period, subscriptions can be purchased for $9.99 per month.

Product Description

Lose weight, go faster, go further. With Vi!

What is Vi?

Vi is a first to market, A.I. personal trainer that coaches and motivates you through bio-sensing headphones engineered for optimum sound. Vi tracks and measures multiple elements of your workout to provide accurate real-time feedback and coaching to help you to achieve real results (i.e. weight loss, running/cycling improvements, and more). Plus, Vi comes with a companion mobile application - Vi Fitness (iOS / Android) - that integrates Apple Health, Google Fit, Spotify, and Strava.

Why Vi?

For many people, running or cycling can be dull, boring or even painful. But for 1000's of our current users, Vi has transformed their workouts into fun, sound-fueled experiences that get them into their optimal zone. Vi combines sweat-proof bluetooth headphones with amazing audio and space-grade biosensors (including in-ear heart rate). Her voice interacts with you while you workout – getting you to the right speed and pace for your goals, keeping you in your ideal heart rate zone and tracking your performance and records. Take Vi for a spin with confidence.

Is Vi worth the price?

For most people, the average monthly cost of a personal trainer is around $250. (Some trainers cost that much PER HOUR!) However, only a few of them have the ability to give you real-time feedback based on your own bio-metric data (heart rate, pace, distance, and step rate) to ensure you're always on-point and improving. With Vi, you get unlimited custom coaching, 24/7 usage (rain or shine), state-of-art technology (audio, six embedded sensors, ergonomic neck band with microphone, bluetooth connectivity, and more) and a real human voice providing fresh, custom content to ensure each Vi experience is better than the previous. For many, Vi provides more value in a couple training sessions than a human personal trainer ever could!

Do you need a phone to use Vi? If so, what do you support?

Yes, a phone with GPS capabilities is needed so that the Vi Fitness app can start and stop workouts, track biometrics, measure and store data, track features like elevation and location, and play music during training.

We support iOS (9+) and Android OS (Lollipop +) devices however we recommend having the latest OS on any device for the best Vi experience.

In featuring Vi Trainer, The Wall Street Journal proclaimed that “The Future of Fitness is In Your Ear”. We couldn’t agree more.

REAL-TIME GUIDANCE: Vi’s human voice coaches you in real-time based on your biometrics, making for a more dynamic and effective workout.

HAVE FUN WHILE WORKING OUT: Vi makes working out fun, engaging, and fluid. No more static audio workouts.

FASTER RESULTS: Vi understands your goals and creates a personalized plan to get you there. And she adapts as you go, always guiding you on the most efficient path to your goals.

CONVENIENT: Vi is always right in your ears, whenever and wherever you are. No more excuses.

PERSONALIZATION: Vi uses many data-points to know you better than a human personal trainer. Your workouts become more fun, effective, and personalized because of that.

Vi Sense has a powerful heart rate sensor thats able to measure our biometrics in real time.

Product Specifications:

  • BEAUTIFUL SOUND: Lose yourself in beautiful sound every time you slip on the Bluetooth headphones.
  • AEROSPACE GRADE: The wireless fitness tracker headphones feature biosensors that detect heart rate, motion, elevation, proximity, and touch.
  • Winner of the 2018 iF Packaging Design Award.
  • ALL DAY: Sweat and water resistant with all-day battery life perfect for workouts, listening to music, and taking calls.

Get unlimited access to Vi's coaching and workout plans today!

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